Gold Price In Singapore Today

Daily Gold Price in Singapore and 30 days history of Gold Rates in Singapore in Singapore Dollar(SGD)
Sep 16, 2014

   TYPE OunceGramsKilo
24Karat1,557.71 S$50.08 S$50,083.75 S$
21Karat1,426.86 S$45.88 S$45,876.58 S$
18Karat1,168.28 S$37.56 S$37,562.81 S$
14Karat911.26 S$29.30 S$29,298.91 S$
10Karat649.57 S$20.88 S$20,884.99 S$
Above Gold rates are converted from international gold prices by the authentic sources for the public interest, data accuracy may be compromised due to the gold rate conversion into the regional currency

Last 30 days Gold Price Per Ounce in Singapore Dollar(SGD)

Gold Price for last 30 days in a ounce for Gold rates comparison can be viewed below in all kind of Gold according to purity including gold price in 24 Karat, Gold price in 21 Karat, Gold price in 18 Karat, Gold Price in 14 Karat.

         Date 24 Karat21 Karat18 Karat14 Karat10 Karat
Sep 15, 20141,236.30 S$1,132.45 S$927.23 S$723.24 S$515.54 S$
Sep 14, 20141,233.00 S$1,129.43 S$924.75 S$721.31 S$514.16 S$
Sep 12, 20141,228.30 S$1,125.12 S$921.23 S$718.56 S$512.20 S$
Sep 11, 20141,233.70 S$1,130.07 S$925.28 S$721.71 S$514.45 S$
Sep 10, 20141,248.30 S$1,143.44 S$936.23 S$730.26 S$520.54 S$
Sep 09, 20141,256.20 S$1,150.68 S$942.15 S$734.88 S$523.84 S$
Sep 08, 20141,255.10 S$1,149.67 S$941.33 S$734.23 S$523.38 S$
Sep 07, 20141,270.50 S$1,163.78 S$952.88 S$743.24 S$529.80 S$
Sep 05, 20141,268.40 S$1,161.85 S$951.30 S$742.01 S$528.92 S$
Sep 04, 20141,263.00 S$1,156.91 S$947.25 S$738.86 S$526.67 S$
Sep 03, 20141,271.80 S$1,164.97 S$953.85 S$744.00 S$530.34 S$
Sep 02, 20141,265.40 S$1,159.11 S$949.05 S$740.26 S$527.67 S$
Sep 01, 20141,281.10 S$1,173.49 S$960.83 S$749.44 S$534.22 S$
Aug 31, 20141,286.20 S$1,178.16 S$964.65 S$752.43 S$536.35 S$
Aug 29, 20141,287.20 S$1,179.08 S$965.40 S$753.01 S$536.76 S$
Aug 28, 20141,289.70 S$1,181.37 S$967.28 S$754.47 S$537.80 S$
Aug 27, 20141,285.30 S$1,177.33 S$963.98 S$751.90 S$535.97 S$
Aug 26, 20141,283.00 S$1,175.23 S$962.25 S$750.56 S$535.01 S$
Aug 25, 20141,278.70 S$1,171.29 S$959.03 S$748.04 S$533.22 S$
Aug 24, 20141,278.30 S$1,170.92 S$958.73 S$747.81 S$533.05 S$
Aug 22, 20141,280.80 S$1,173.21 S$960.60 S$749.27 S$534.09 S$
Aug 21, 20141,279.00 S$1,171.56 S$959.25 S$748.22 S$533.34 S$
Aug 20, 20141,286.60 S$1,178.53 S$964.95 S$752.66 S$536.51 S$
Aug 19, 20141,294.60 S$1,185.85 S$970.95 S$757.34 S$539.85 S$
Aug 18, 20141,299.50 S$1,190.34 S$974.63 S$760.21 S$541.89 S$
Aug 17, 20141,300.90 S$1,191.62 S$975.68 S$761.03 S$542.48 S$