Gold Rates & Silver Rate from major cities of Pakistan

Daily Gold Rate in Pakistan and 30 days history of Gold Rates in PKR Rupees
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Last 30 days Gold Price Per tola in Pakistani Rupees

Gold Price for last 30 days in a Tola for Gold rates comparison can be viewed below in all kind of Gold according to purity including gold price in 24 karat, Gold price in 21 karat, Gold price in 18 karat, Gold Price in 14 karat, Gold Price in 10 karat.

   Date 24k per 10 Grams24 carat per Tola22k Per 10 GramsSilver 10 Grams
Pakistan is a country which is officially called as Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Basically it is an agricultural country having about more than 34.09% area for agricultural purposes in it. With the population of more than 16 corers it is the world sixth popular country. The major area of economy of Pakistan depends solely upon agricultural and it contributes the most to the economic activity of pakstan. the currency unit of Bahamas is Pakistani Rupees (RS). If we talk about the value of gold for the citizens of Pakistan they have similar craving for gold like the other people living all around the globe. They invest their savings in purchasing and owning gold jewels, coins or any form of gold that can gain profit in latter times. Most of the people prefer to convert their Rupees to gold as it is not easy to spend gold as you do with money. There may be several reasons for purchasing gold, either you are just interested in increasing your commodities or you want to beautify yourself, especially in case of women. Whatever the reason may be the thing in common in all cases is that you want to keep yourself updated with the latest price of gold in Pakistan. For such folks we provide the latest gold rates in Pakistan and also the history of gold rates in Pakistan for past 30 days so that you may have a clear vision of gold trends in Pakistan.