Gold Rates & Silver Rate from major cities of India

A year by year reference of the daily Gold Price in India and history of Gold Rates in India

Mar 31, 2015
Mar 31, 2015
Find Today's current Gold Rates in India and History of gold rate in major cities of India like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kerala, Goa, Rajasthan, Kolkata, Delhi and Hyderabad at GoldXL Gold rate Section view the online live Bullion prices (24 carat gold rates, 22 carat gold rate) of India in Indian Rupees (INR), Gram and per tola. Here you can also find gold price chart and current silver rates (silver bullion prices) goldrates.

Last 30 days Gold Price 24 karat Per 10 Grams in Indian Rupees

Gold Price for last 30 days in 10 Grams for Gold rates comparison can be viewed below in all kind of Gold according to purity including gold price in 24 karat, Gold price in 21 karat, Gold price in 18 karat, Gold Price in 14 karat, Gold Price in 10 karat.

Mar 30, 201526,68027,70026,73026,70026,65526,495
Mar 29, 201526,89026,67026,94026,91026,86526,705
Mar 28, 201526,89026,67026,94026,91026,86526,705
Mar 27, 201526,93026,96026,67026,91026,86526,705
Mar 26, 201527,19026,84027,24027,21027,16527,005
Mar 25, 201526,69026,65026,45026,69026,64526,485
Mar 24, 201526,61026,63026,30026,58026,53526,375
Mar 23, 201526,46026,20526,51026,49026,44526,285
Mar 22, 201526,53026,25026,58026,56026,51526,355
Mar 21, 201526,56026,58026,25026,53026,48526,325
Mar 20, 201526,33026,07526,37026,35026,30526,145
Mar 19, 201526,30026,32025,98526,27026,22526,065
Mar 18, 201525,94025,75026,05026,03025,98525,825
Mar 17, 201526,10025,85526,24026,22026,17526,015
Mar 16, 201526,37026,39025,98026,24026,19526,035
Mar 15, 201526,44026,46026,14526,31026,26526,105
Mar 14, 201526,31026,14526,46026,44026,39526,235
Mar 13, 201526,25026,05026,29026,27026,22526,065
Mar 12, 201526,23026,25025,95526,20026,15525,995
Mar 11, 201526,36026,07526,41026,38026,33526,175
Mar 10, 201526,30026,32026,18026,27026,22526,065
Mar 09, 201526,51026,30526,56026,54026,49526,335
Mar 08, 201526,98027,00026,68026,95026,90526,745
Mar 07, 201526,95026,68027,00026,98026,93526,775
Mar 06, 201526,98027,00026,68026,95026,90526,745
Mar 05, 201526,95026,68027,00026,97026,92526,765
Mar 04, 201526,94026,96026,77026,91026,86526,705
Mar 03, 201526,94026,73026,98026,96026,91526,755
Mar 02, 201527,15026,91027,20027,17027,12526,965
Mar 01, 201526,88026,58026,93026,95026,90526,745
Feb 28, 201526,88026,93026,95026,58026,53526,375
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